FL Wildlife Management

Brevard County is home to a wide variety of interesting and prolific native wildlife.  Sometimes this native wildlife becomes a disturbance within our home or business.  If you are experiencing difficulties with rats and mice, snakes, raccoons, squirrels, armadillos or any other native wildlife, call Horizon Pest today for our wildlife management services. 

Snake Removal

Here is more information about some of the more common native wildlife you may experience problems with in your home or business.


Armadillo RemovalBecause an armadillo’s diet includes insects, grubs, worms and other small invertebrates they can do a lot of damage to manicured lawns, ornamentals, and golf courses.  Their burrows, which can extend as much as 25 feet, can also do damage to the root systems of shrubs, trees, concrete slabs such as found in the foundation of your home, and the burrows can also create water run-off issues causing flooding near or beneath your home. 

Horizon Pest’s regular Pest Control Preventative Services will help limit the possibilities of armadillos being attracted to your yard by limiting the existence of the grubs and other insects they are attracted to.  If you do have evidence of an armadillo taking up residence with you, you will need to call Horizon Pest immediately for removal.


Florida is home to about 45 different species of snake, only 6 of which are venomous.  However, because most people don’t know the difference between the different kinds of snakes, it is best to take a No Handle approach to any encounter with a snake.  Common non-venomous snakes you are most likely to see would be the Southern Black Racer, Garter Snake, Southern Ribbon Snakes, and FL Brown Snakes.


Racoon RemovalRaccoons are natural scavengers and have a very wide diet.  They will eat – or try to eat – just about anything.  They can cause a lot of disruption and damage to trashcans and fish populated ornamental ponds.  They are naturally inquisitive and because of the thumbs located on their front paws, they also have the ability to open doorknobs and pry the lids off of containers.  Because of the possibility of the spread of disease, it is important that you contact Horizon Pest immediately if you note the presence or any problems with raccoons in your area.

These are only a few of the most common Florida native wildlife issues Horizon Pest is able to prevent and treat.  Call Horizon Pest today for more information on how we can help trap and remove these and other rodents and mammals from your home or office.

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