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Black WidowsPest control in Florida is an interesting business. There are dozens and dozens of species of insects and spiders that can wreak havoc on Brevard County home and business owners. Identification is key to cost effective and timely treatment. Our skilled professionals are trained to identify pests by species so that the best, most effective treatment is implemented to treat your pest problem.

Horizon Pest also offers a full range of pre-treatment, prevention and control services for Subterranean and Drywood Termites.  Please see our Termite Control page for additional information.

Here we highlight just a few of the more common household pests, any of which you will most likely encounter at some point living in Brevard County, FL.

Household Ants

Without a doubt, the number one household pest encountered in Central FL is the household ant.   With a large variety of ant species, identification of the kind of ant that is making a nuisance in your home is key to successful treatment and full elimination from your home or business.  Ants frequently enter homes through virtually invisible cracks as they search for water as well as sweets and other food sources. 

Ants in house

Because there are so many different types of household ants, it takes professional experience and familiarity with all of the different kinds of ants to ensure you will not see frequent reoccurrences in and around your home or office.

Hornet Nest RemovalBees Nest and Wasp Nest Removal

There are many different varieties of bees and wasps in Brevard County.  Removal of the bees nest or wasp nest is important because each of these creatures have the ability to swarm and sting people and pets.  The nests and hives can also cause damage to homes and other building structures. 

A very common wasp nest you may see on your FL home is the Mud Dauber’s distinctive mud nest most commonly located under porch roofs and other covered areas.  Horizon Pest will remove these and other nests as part of our Pest Control Preventative Services.


CockroachThere are numerous varieties of cockroaches.  Most likely your FL home has been visited by a few of these varieties from time to time.  Though there are general preventive measures you can take against roach invasions (like keeping food stored in sealed containers, using well-fitted garbage can lids, and cleaning your home frequently), you will need to call the expert technicians at Horizon Pest if you have a full cockroach infestation.

Fleas & Ticks

August to September are the most active flea and tick months, however because of Florida’s year round warm temperatures, these pests can wreak havoc on a FL home almost any time of the year.  If you are a pet owner you are even more susceptible to invasion from these blood-feeding insects, so it is important that you have a preventative treatment plan such as offered by Horizon Pest in addition to treating your pets with veterinarian approved flea and tick treatments.

Bed Bugs

Many people have huge misconceptions about what bed bugs are and where they can be found.  Over the last several years, bed bugs have made their way into many five-star hotels and million dollar homes as often as they have more modest domains. 

Bed Bugs in Mattress

Bed bugs are impossible to treat on your own, and because of the life cycle of the bed bug, can often take many months of treatment to fully eradicate from your home or office.  If you or any of your family members are experiencing unusual red rashes or you notice brown staining on portions of your mattresses, you need to call Horizon Pest specialists immediately so we can examine your home for the presence of these nasty little critters.

These are only a few of the most common pest control issues Horizon Pest is able to prevent and treat.  Call Horizon Pest today for more information on how we can help you keep your home or office free from infestation of these and other common pests.

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